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Faults and Technical chat for the Audi Q4
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This is my first post and sorry to say its a technical rant.
I have never been so technically frustrated with an ev vehicle before in my life and I wish I'd never got it.
1. Octopuss Energy.
2. Easee charger.
3. Audi app.
4. Electricians

1. Octopuss energy, intelligent charging my arse. Just charges when it wants so I miss out on cheap electricity.
2. Easee charger. Nothing easee about that app, so many updates and the dam thing is about as steady as a jelly in an earthquake.
3. Audi app. Yes I'm the key user in the app, shame the car says I'm not. It did do, but now it's changed it's mind.
4. Electricians. Shame he put a b32 breaker in, should be b40 in my book. Now keeps tripping and I'm wearing out the carpet back and forth resetting it.

Is it just me or has someone got it in for me?

Rant over, by the way thanks for letting me in

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