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I've just joined the Forum as a new member, but I feel as if I've lived on this site for past few months as a guest, taking in the ups and downs of others on their Q4 journeys. Briefly, I'm hoping for a build date of my Q4 in week 43 (end October 2022) and this will be my third EV in five years. I had a BMW i3 from 2017 - a brilliant car but too far ahead of its time in terms of the UK charging infrastructure and with such a limited range it was not practical.

After a few years with a petrol A4 Avant, I bought a VW iD4 1st Edition in March 2021. What a nightmare that proved to be. It was probably the most frustrating car I've ever owned, with so many software glitches and faults that it just had to go. There's something deeply disturbing about climbing into a new car wondering what is going to fail next. So in January 2022, I ordered a Q4 as a private purchase and sold the iD4 back to a VW dealership essentially without losing money after seven months of ownership and 8000 miles. If I had pressed harder, I guess I could have made a slight profit at that stage but my relief in getting rid of it was sufficient reward.

I'm really looking forward to the Q4, although my heart skips a beat when I read the software faults section on this forum - I don't want another repeat VAG experience with that.
One other key plus though is that my two nearby Audi dealerships are superb in terms of customer service. The local VW backup was awful.

I'm off to post something on the 'Delivery Timescales' sub forum, but if anyone's interested, my order is...

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Post by Tony »


I've had my Q4 for about 10 months now and love it.

The software however is terrible, I'm not sure how it compares to VW but my understanding is that none of the VW's group software works that well right now (see some recent posts on the matter).

However if you forget about the app (which is ridiculously basic) and use Android Auto or Apple Carplay you should be fine.

As a point of comparison I've recently been driving the following cars and except for the Polestar 2 (if only it was an SUV) none of them have made me reconsider the Q4 🙂

Polestar 2
Tesla Model Y
Mercedes EQA
Hyundai IONIC 5
Kia EV6
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I’ve had my Q4 just over ten months and it’s an amazing car. The MyAudi app isn’t brilliant to say the least, but the car has so many positives such as super quiet, a really comfortable ride, good seats and driving position, low running cost, and in my opinion, looks very smart. I feel these outweigh the poor app that to be honest I only really use to check how the charging is going at home or at a public charging point. Also, I have an excellent dealer who are very knowledgeable about the Q4, and have sorted out any issues very quickly.
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I’ve had my Q4 for 7 months. I think I got it just before the next software release so I still have the privacy message every time I get in the car and lack of scheduled charging via MMI. There’s other minor software niggles but overall I love the car. You will get better software. The biggest frustration is that this software isn’t being rolled out. I believe everyone owning a Q4 is on the software it was delivered with.
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Post by Tony »

To echo the last two post's I do really enjoy the car. I think it's easy to get caught up on something that doesn't work but there's a lot of things that do work really well.

It might sound strange but my wife and I recently got a new fridge and she was pushing for knocking glass technology to see what was inside the fridge without opening it and touch screen app integration and so forth. I kept saying to her what's the point is just a fridge and she said to me "you didn't say that about the car".

So as strange this may sound just like we got a fridge that keeps food cold really well, look at the Q4 as an electric car that drives really well.

The allure of technology is quite enticing but at the end of the day it is a car and how it looks and drives is far more important. If it wasn't we would all be driving Teslas 😂

The design is great, the drive is great, handling is great and the build quality is exceptional compared to some other cars in this space 🙂
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Post by MQ4 »

Thanks to everyone for the reassurance following my original post. It wasn't really the MyAudi app which worried me but rather the main system software which had proved so unreliable in my iD4. We also have a new A1 and the MyAudi app didn't work on that from day 1 either.

I'll follow your recommendations and just enjoy the car when it finally arrives.

Interestingly, I also looked at the same list of alternatives which Tony provided. I dismissed the Tesla (styling and packaging didn't do it for me) and the Kia (likewise for design reasons). I loved the Polestar, but it was far too cramped inside. I didn't warm to the Merc, but I absolutely loved the Ioniq 5, which I borrowed for a morning. I was within a gnat's whisker of ordering the Ioniq 5, which was spacious and very well finished (could teach Audi something about modern interior materials) - but in the end I decided on the Q4 for its all round appeal.

Hearing that so many of you are really happy with your Q4s makes me feel better!
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Silver is a nice colour and as you say easy to keep clean. I had a silver car myself when the colour was popular. Sorry cant help myself.
As you say there are some great colours out there, and when the sun shines on them they really sparkle.


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