Is this your first electric car?

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Is this your first electric car?

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Post by YorkshireTea »

Curious to know if the Q4 is the first electric car for us, or if you're an experienced electric car owner!

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Post by Wicksy »

Had a Nissan Leaf a couple of years back - nice to drive but ugly
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Post by Ribena »

First for me, come from a diesel q3
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Post by Etronny »

Yes, not only was it my first electric car - but I hadn't driven another electric make or model prior to delivery, I had a couple of diesel Mercedes E Class and a GLC 250 AMG just prior to getting this Q4 Etron 40 S Line
I thought I may have missed some of the bells and whistles from the last Mercedes but I have been really and pleasantly surprised how much the Q4 has grown on me. I really like the electric motor and the thought of being off fossil fuels (full renewable leccie plan as well) is cool as well as being the right thing to do.
I haven't been brave enough to buy the car but am leasing via an NHS scheme, this is a good solution for me and the added perks of insurance, service plan, tyres and recovery is a real boon.

I have had the niggles with the MMI start up screen and some issues with the pod point home charger but the car itself hasn't skipped a beat yet- I have no immediate issues beyond -
1 if I was buying I would have added the boot storage pack, probably the matrix lights and keyless entry.
2 I don't miss the reversing camera but front sensors would be useful as visibility is not fantastic at the front due to the huge B pillars, but I will get used to that.
3 a "Frunk' would be a real boon to the car, particularly for cable storage.

On the whole - I have done 1000 miles in the first month, spent £35 at rapid charging facilities and 64hrs on charge at home via 3 pin plug and the latterly installed 7kw Podpoint charger - The dogs love the boot and the quiet, the kids think it's cool - so can't be bad and I really love the driving experience. She is a beautiful Navarra Blue and has a poise on the road. Really very Happy.....Can't wait for new software and a second key.
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Post by Lee »

Im please to hear your enyoying the car, I cant wait to get mine in March (touch wood) as im looking forward to getting off fossil fuels also. I also choose Navarra Blue with the graphite grey wheels as I thought that colour combination looked really nice. I almost went for Glacier White but choose not to in the end as my old car was white and I wanted a change.

Ive never driven an electric car before so this is going to be a completely fresh experience when it gets delivered.
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Post by bigalan »

Not my first EV as we already have an i3, but still quite new to the whole EV thing as we only got the i3 in May 2021.

Both cars are very different but both great for what we are using them for. We've covered over 11k miles between them and only put out £60 on electricity which is a major bonus, though I'm aware that the free charging isn't going to last forever :-(

The only drawback is that we can't get a home charger fitted without major groundworks so we have to charge about 100m from home at the local leisure centre!
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Post by Geh2021 »


My first EV and it replaced a Q2 that was only 20 months old but the PX value was too good to turn down. So after a test drive in the Q4, I wanted one and went on the hunt after being told of the 6-9month wait. I eventually located one in the colour I wanted and with the C&S pack pre ordered by a dealer, so bought that.

The app is a joke and after numerous emails to and from Audi Digital, they have agreed it needs a visit to the dealer, so I’m waiting for a call to book it in.

The storage pack is definitely something I would recommend, especially if you have the C&S pack as the sub Woofer takes up most of the space in the box under the floor. You can retrofit the raised floor and it’s easy to do this yourself (a YouTube video and instructions are on this forum), and the parts will cost around £285. I’ve done this and really beneficial.

So 3000 miles on, I have to say the car is amazing and it makes me smile every time I drive the car.
Audi Q4 e-tron s-line 35, Narvarra Blue, Comfort & Sound pack.

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Post by keysFus »

The EV9 is on the UK website and will be launched at the end of the months.

The EV5 concept has just been released so will probably be a while before its launched but a Tucson/Sportage EV is almost certain to be in the roadmap.


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