Charging system: fault. Error in charging Infrastructure.

Faults and Technical chat for the Audi Q4
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Recently bought a Q4 40 s line.
Project EV charge ( plug & charge set up) in a residential block of just 8 flats.

Originally I thought was a cable issue hence I bought a new cable from ev extras.

Once plugged into the project EV. Audi charging port is flashing white for couple of minutes, the dashboard says “initiate” charge and then —> Charging system:
Error in charging infrastructure.

After 5 attempts eventually it does charge but is this normal? Did anyone else experience something similar?

Many thanks


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Yes i had that a few times mostly when my car charger is on the timer. The white flashing light used to go red sometimes which indicates that it won't charge however when the charger starts when the time comes, it usually charged.
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