Driver's Seat Creaking!

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Post by Shaggie44 »

The driver's seat has suddenly developed a creaking noise between the seat and the centre console, its louder when the car turns/curves to the right and my weight shifts to the left side of the seat.

It sounds like an old sofa, gets irritating over bumpy surfaces.

Wondering if anyone has experienced this.

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Post by marshymufc7 »


I know this was posted a while ago, but my Q4 has now developed this issue. Mine is the right side of the drivers seat and when i turn left i get this horrible creaking noise like an old arm chair.

This is my first Audi but i'm surprised when i started typing the problem in Google it came up with loads of pages and posts about it.

I know its nothing major but my car is literally 3 months old and due to the ride being so quiet its really annoying.

Has anyone found a solution to this? I feel a bit stupid ringing the dealer up to complain about this, but then again its not something i'd expect from a Manufacturer like Audi.
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Post by DansQ4 »

Did you get a resolution to this? Not experiencing it myself but would have thought you could take back for this sort of issue?
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Post by hugodoodle »

It’s a warranty issue, take the car to the dealer and get them to fix it.
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Post by mikeo69 »

Had my q4 February this year, developed the noisy seat within weeks, can’t drive it anymore as it’s really annoying. Going back to main dealer to see if they can fix it
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