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Post by IanO »

I can have a third party map app (such as Google maps or Waze) displayed in the centre screen while having the Audi map displayed on the virtual cockpit, but I can’t seem to have a route planner working on both simultaneously.
Has anybody managed to do this?
I’d like to simultaneously have Waze for the traffic/speed camera alerts on the centre screen, and Audi’s app on the virtual cockpit for the virtual heads-up display navigation.
I set up a route on the Audi MMI, click start, then I go to Waze and enter the same location. As soon as I do this, the Audi navigation stops. Weird!

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Post by jamesmccarthy »

That’s the way Audi’s Nav works with CarPlay I’m afraid. It’s a shame, because BMW have rattled their dags and implemented the CarPlay integration options Apple released two years ago, meaning if you use CarPlay in your 2021 550, the navigation instructions come through to the HUD. Not in Audi. Perhaps we can wait for a software update 🤣
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