Front parking sensor issues

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Post by ljb2021 »

Has anyone else had any issues with the front and side parking sensors?

When we first got the car they were working fine and now a month in they never seem to be working when the parking assist comes up on the screen it indicates they need wiping but we’ve checked and they aren’t dirty.

The pre-sense seems to be having issues working too. Just wondering if anyone else had come across this before I contact Audi.

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Post by lexathon »

I get occasional pre-sense not working warnings on cold days if the car's still demisting. Never issues with parking sensors after 14 months though.
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Post by Murchison 2003 »

You have front parking sensors!, Lucky you. Should be standard in all models for the price of these things. I often get the Audi pre sense come on for no reason.
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Post by garysevern »

I get pre-sense warnings say twice a week and for no obvious reason. The front sensors work but don’t always beep.
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Post by ljb2021 »

I did pay extra for the front parking sensors, which is why I feel even more disappointed when they don't work. Strangely seem to be working a bit more consistently the last week or so. Doesn't sound like anyone else is having this issue, so I think I'll just need to keep an eye on them and potentially raise it with Audi.
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Post by idpike1 »

Hi. Q4 Sportbak 23 plate Sline, and just started to get parking sensor warning at the front come on randomly or when I brake... also the pre-sense and also take over the steering warning too.

Seems very random and as mentioned in someone else post the sensors don't always beep front/back.

Second issue on 1yr old car, isn't filling me with a lot of confidence on build quality. Already had issue with rear "spoiler" letting in water to the boot. Could be another dealer visit via the lease company.
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