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Post by buckwem »

My Q4 came to halt at a junction and the MMI rebooted.

In the past year I have once had the MMI reboot whilst going down the motorway. This did not cause any issues with driving but the Audi assistance guy said the rebooting of the MMI affects some of the safety sensors.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Post by hugodoodle »

Preventing 'unintended braking' is a key safety goal for the design of passenger vehicle braking systems and has the highest of the automotive safety integrity levels - ASIL-D.

Application of the parking brake when moving (unless initialised by the driver holding the parking brake button), would be covered under such a safety goal. A system that meets ASIL-D has a statistical probability of failure (that is faillure to comply with the safety goal) of 1 in 11,415 years. Essentially, you have nothing to worry about with regards safety.
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Post by garysevern »

I’m suspecting my car has his just started doing this. Twice in the last week I’ve started up ( from long time idle) and I’ve received beeps and safety systems not working messages and the MMI screen has gone black and then recovers.
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Post by Ranjeet420 »

I have been facing similar issues where MMI restarts while driving and Audi can't fix it at all. Been with Audi twice , also shared the videos but they just return the car saying don't have a fix for this. if it impacts other safety system then that's a concern.
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Post by ScottyQ4 »

Car gave up big time today. Usual symptoms before an unforced reboot- radio off, blank MMI screen, dashboard lighting up like a Xmas tree. However it displayed another worrying symptom. Car came to a grinding halt, it alone applied parking brake and was dead for about 5 mins. Car was immovable. Wifey refusing to drive it now. All this happened in a live lane of Newcastle western bypass- not recommended. Police involved to direct traffic etc whilst telling him that the car will reboot and I will be on my way. Sure enough the radio initialised and the car sprang into life. This car is a safety hazard said the traffic cop. How embarrassing this was. Car into Newcastle Audi tomorrow. I’m getting peed off now with this software
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