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Ouch @Tom_1985 - That does seem excessive! I would be pushing / expecting Audi to bring that forward by some amount. Either that or change to a dealer who has a build slot which is closer.

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Post by Tom_1985 »

I’m really hoping it’s an error, I can’t see how on earth it’s going to take that long, even with the chip shortage, my spec is fairly standard, with a few nice extras so nothing that’s really going to hold it up.

Just waiting for my order no. to come through, hopefully will be a bit clearer then
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@tom_1985 it's worth asking why such a long lead time. Dundee Audi are saying January for delivery of new orders. I have heard that towbars and tech packs in particular are causing delays.

Each dealer has a limit to how many they can order in a quarter. It could be that your dealer has filled it's quota until next year. If so, then it's time to try a different dealer.
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Post by Tom_1985 »

Thanks pwhaudi, I’ve spoken with Audi corporate and your spot on, it’s because I ordered the towbar option, so I’ve decided to bin it, they were very honest and said the towbar system is causing issues for them, I asked the question if a detachable towbar was an option as an aftermarket extra, which I was assured wouldn’t be an issue, so I’ll probs go down that route, I’ve now been advised by Audi corporate that I should have my delivery mid/end dec 2021
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Tom_1985 wrote: Sun Aug 15, 2021 9:52 am Morning all,

I ordered a Q4 40 S line in Typhoon Grey with C&S and Tech pack, also towbar, matrix headlights and ambient plus lighting,

Mine is a company car and ordered via reading Audi, however the delivery time I’ve been given is horrendous, earliest anticipated delivery time I’ve been given is 14/07/22, car was ordered 09/08.

Seems a bit long for my liking, I know the chip issue is affecting things, but people who ordered a few weeks before me being told Nov/Dec ?

My wife has ordered an ID3 and has been told Nov/Dec.

Hope I haven’t got to wait till July 😫
Wow - I was just on here looking to see if anyone has ordered a Q4 recently and been given a delivery date.. Was not expecting that long. My local said they dont know at the moment, I was kind of hoping that meant January not July :shock:
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Post by Ribena »

12 months I’m being quoted. Anyone else?!
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I had a Q4 Edition 1 on the production line in early-July, now stuck missing a single part (some sort of chipset). Hoping for a September delivery, originally expected early August. Very lucky as managed to get a cancelled order which we took over in late June
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Ordered mine beginning of August, has a build week of week 50.
C&S pack, interior pack, and function pack, no towbar.
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Post by Tom_1985 »

I spoke with Audi in Slough which is where mine was ordered from, apparently towbar option has now been taken off completely by Audi, and dealers have been told not to offer as an option, I’ve now been told to anticipate delivery between late dec, early Jan
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Order an edition 1 , Navarro blue with Tech and Comfort and Sound pack and adaptive suspension early June as a new company car. Originally scheduled to be into the dealer 1st September now pushed back to ‘early October’.

Apparently vehicle was scheduled for build wc 12th July, but hasn’t left the factory yet. With the removal of the wireless charging from the tech pack I’m guessing it may well be waiting for the microchip for that. The dealer is saying build dates in the past are being prioritised so hopefully once the chip reaches it the car will be finished and released, but I’m expecting the date to go back again.

Audi look to be struggling (as do all car manufacturers to be fair) at the moment.
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