Retrofitting raised boot floor

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@jagman3 - fantastic to hear you managed to get it done. Interested to know if you chopped off the spikes, or did it my way? And did you make holes in the lining for the bolts, or incisions?

In regards to Audi charging a higher's literally that. If you ever need parts for an Audi...get the part number, and then buy it from the VW parts store. VW are always cheaper for the same part because Audi have a higher mark up to maintain the premiumness of the brand. My VW parts guy who I've been using for years told me that when I was ordering. I ordered my parts in Jan 2022. Yes, there was a price increase in Dec, but your Audi dealer didn't give you as much discount as they could have done.'s only a £20 difference....still cheaper than getting this factory fitted. But if you ever need parts for the car in future, it's worth going to the VW dealer or TPS to will work out cheaper. The part numbers are common across the entire VW brand.

If you're interested in a rubber boot liner (to contain spillages or if you have a dog), then there's a nice Q4 branded one available aswell. It's semi-rigid, and sits on top of this new variable floor (it will also fit at the lower level). You can pull it out in seconds, and it will still flex if you open the compartments below to get the cables. I paid £110 for it from my VW guy with next day delivery. Part number is 89A061180. It's a bit pricey, but given the Q4 is a new model, I couldn't find any aftermarket ones available at the time.



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Hi theguru83, I chopped the spikes off and just made incisions where the bolts were, managed to line up first time with all bolts.
Many thanks for the info on using VW dealer to order parts, will bear that in mind for the future.
You boot liner looks fantastic, I bought a cheap liner for a Q4 from 'BootLiners UK' for £26.
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Sorry to revive an old thread but I've found myself in the same position with my car that's on order, in that it has no variable floor. This thread - and the video theguru83 put on YT - has been great and has got me thinking I'll do this when my car arrives shortly, however I can't seem to get the part numbers to return anything on any of the parts sites. Anyone know if it's still possible to purchase these to be able to do this?
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I went to my local Audi dealer to order the parts as that was much easier. Usually you can negotiate a small discount.
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Thanks, I'll do the same when the time comes.
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Thank you for this, I was wondering are you still in NW7 and did your offer still stand?
theguru83 wrote:
Sun Jan 16, 2022 2:46 pm
Thank you for providing the list of parts and instructions. They were perfect.

I also fell into the same trap. Saw a Q4 in the showroom with the variable floor, couldn't see it as an option on the parts list so thought it came as standard, and then discovered that it was missing.

I went to Audi and asked about retrofitting. He said he would email Germany which could take 3-5 days. Then if it's possible, it might take 10-14 days to order the parts. His own guess at the necessary parts list was about £700+labour. I told him I had the parts list provided on this forum, but he wasn't interested. So instead, I went to the VW parts store, and ordered all the parts for £260 inc VAT. They all came with next day delivery and I've managed to fit it perfectly myself. Still waiting to hear back from the Audi guy lol!

I didn't take any pictures of the before, but if you're reading this forum, then you already know what that looks like. Here is what mine looks like after I finished. Looks like a factory fit if I didn't know better.

I have an Audi Q4 e-tron S Line 40 with the Comfort and Sound Pack. MY22 ('71 plate). UK spec.

When installing, I wanted to be sure that there are actually screw holes in the chassis before I made a hole in the felt lining, so I pulled the lining away from the car enough so I could see behind it to confirm the holes were there. After that, I didn't want to ruin the lining making the holes. So I used a sharp knife to make an incision, like a crosshair (vs cutting a circular hole). That way I could push the bolt through, but given my car is a lease, when I give it back, if I remove the variable floor to sell it privately, the lining should pop back into place, and you would never know I made the holes! Also, I discovered you don't really have to screw the furthest back screw on each side in. The plastic shelf is sturdy enough by just putting the first 2 screws on each side and using the 2 plastic spikes at the front (on my car, the holes for those plastic spikes were all there)...if you're doing DIY, then this makes it easier overall. There are no electronics to touch in this job.

IMG_8849 2.jpg

But anyway, thank you for these instructions. I would not have been able to do it without. Overall, it took me about 4 hours. 3 hours on the left side as I pulled the lining away, and had trouble getting the screw holes to line up correctly. But the right hand side was done in an hour...maybe less. I didn't pull the lining out. I just made the incision knowing that the screw holes were already in the chassis. I've attached a couple of photos of WIP, and one of the finished install.

If you're handy and confident you can definitely do this yourself. All you need are the parts, the correct tork screwdriver, a sharp knife, a small round corkscrew or similar to make the incision a bit bigger so the bolt fits through, and some daylight.

I'm not a qualified mechanic...just a DIYer. I don't mind doing this for people for a small fee if you're willing to come to me (NW7 - north west London). Just send me a PM.

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