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Post by AWonderland17 »

Car was built week 35 (week beginning 15th august). Confirmed it is now sat waiting to be shipped to the UK.

Originally I was told end of October (lease through work) but Audi have said if there are no delays, it could be end of September 🤞🤞

Now to start arranging how to sell my current pcp car!

Ordered s line 40, c&s pack, ambient lighting in aurora violet.

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Post by InStereo »

I ordered in March 2022, Sport model, no extras, still waiting on a delivery date, told late October at the moment, original delivery estimate was February23 but it's just been pushed back every month.
In half a mind to cancel the order already, got colleagues, one that has ordered a BMW iX within the last 2 months (getting delivered Friday) and another colleague ordered a Jaguar iPace ordered within the last month and already delivered. I know that ordering a new car is definitely a first world problem and guilty to complain, just a little mind boggling that it can take almost 2 years to get your car.
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Post by Tony »

Yeah that's insane, I know Volvo and Polestar have cars available within 4 weeks!
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Post by Robery0162 »

Now got a week 42 build date. Anybody know how long from build until it is sitting on my drive? I will need to dust down the podpoint which Audi kindly paid for and was installed in March last year - still unused!
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Post by DocH »

Mine was "ordered" Week 32 - "ordered" in the sense that I was able to reserve a Q4 already in the build schedule that my dealership had ordered as a demonstrator. As the group has seven Audi dealerships, they order plenty so there were two full screens of Q4s on order back then.

My car was built in Week 38 and has arrived in the UK this week. Will get to the dealership next week and I can then have it any time after that (so Week 42).
Car was shipped to Immingham as I understand it and the dealership is in Lincolnshire, so not far to travel.
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