"Updated on" date is wrong in myAudi app

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Post by kyjuan »

my Q4 has been showing updated on 31/12/0001 for a couple of days now. I know it's just the Q4 as I have another audi vehicle in the same app and that is showing the "updated on" correctly (e.g. 18hrs ago).

Anyone else experiencing this?

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Post by Lighting »

Mine has been like it for over a week . Apparently it is effecting every Q4 owner . I got the usual answer back from Audi support. We're working on the problem.
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Post by diydez »

same here - been showing 31/12/0001 for about 10 days now. I tried clearing the cache and storage but no change. It doesnt seem to affect anything though.
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Post by MQ4 »

Mine stopped working in mid June. It now says ‘never updated’. The second page showing vehicle status, windows, door locks etc. is completely blank. ‘Data unavailable’. I’ve been in touch with Audi Digital Services in Germany and they keep sending me emails every week telling me that my issue is being worked on as a matter of high priority.
(I wonder how the low priority folks are getting on).
Last week they said their technical team asked if I could try the following solution…
‘Refresh the app’.
Can you believe it? I’ve been refreshing the app every day since June 18th.

My car is a 2023 model delivered in Dec 22, so it should have up to date software.
We also have an A1 and the app for that has never worked either. It’s totally useless.
I overheard a sales rep selling a new Audi to a couple in the showroom the other day and telling them how useful the app is.
I had to smile.
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Post by kyjuan »

This is now back working for me btw. I noticed it started working again yesterday. Hope it's been resolved for everyone else too.
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