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The Q4 is a great car, but it has tested my patience over the last 18 months, and now I’m thinking is it time to bail out of the PCP early and move to something else. I like the EV experience, but everyday I read more articles about how in the U.K. the lack of infrastructure is still a problem, they are far too expensive, sales are slowing, and more worrying, if I actually purchase my car at the end of the PCP deal, how will the long value of the car stack up? So do I keep the Q4 until the PCP ends next year, or make a move now back to a petrol? Need to be sensible about budget this time as circumstances have changed dramatically, like a lot of people, so need to keep around £30k - £35k and happy to look at other brands and hatchback or saloons. The A3 was one option after having one on loan while my Q4 had one of its bad days!

Audi Q4 e-tron s-line 35, Narvarra Blue, Comfort & Sound pack.

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Either way you're pissing away money on a PCP. If your budget is tight, get rid completely and get a second hand car.
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Or lease. We lease. Last month an equivalent Q4 was £28k used, now its back to £32k used but for a £50k car over two years, that's not great 😞

Also tech wise it's all moving too quick to make a long term purchase imho. You have the charging cable issues in America (that will surely have a negative effect on the used market) Tesla messing up the market with random discounts and general improvements from everyone else (New Polestar 2 has 406miles of range - what does the Q4 have updated? Nothing).
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