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djm.nx01 wrote: Tue Nov 15, 2022 5:21 pm I have just written to BBC Watchdog describing this issue. I don't know if they will get onto it, but in the aftermath of diesel-gate, VAG will be sensitive to any negative media attention.
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I kindly request you to send a private message to me. As a newly registered user on this platform, I am currently unable to initiate conversations. However, I have encountered a significant issue with Audi company that I would like to discuss. If you are interested, we can collectively consider taking legal action, as it may be the most effective course of action.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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On the subject of software updates 3812. My car was in the Audi workshop last week 23/24 July . Both updates were carried out ( software 3812 and the battery control unit ) . Everything went well and there was no mention of further updates .
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Spoke to the Audi service manager recently for a ‘friendly chat’. I got the impression that the update process is proving to be a pain in the proverbial and when called upon it appears Audi UK technical advice are creaking under the pressure. The update process either works or it doesn’t. He likened the workshop parking area to a Q4 graveyard due to awaiting parts. The update gets 50% through and it crashes or the server goes down. Apparently if the update works your car will be ready for the road in two days otherwise it requires a full week. Failure of the process appears to require replacement hardware parts to get the vehicle to even come to life. Other parts are failing apparently resulting in back order delays. It’s becoming a huge embarrassment.
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First major problem with the software / app. Currently in france and did the app update and now the charging points wont accept my audi rfd card. Checked in my account and there is no payment card selected/identified and its now saying I need to make a payment from the functions on demand shop and then i can control my payment methods. A bit lost now or am i missing something simple.
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I've emailed my dealer, again, to chase this update as we just switched to Octopus and none of the EV smart charging works 😡

November 2021 car here, no idea how some people are getting updates with older/newer cars over mine. It's all very frustrating.
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Same for me - my Q4 50 Quattro was delivered in November 2021 and nothing from the dealer regarding a scheduled update.
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I bought my Q4 35 in August 2021. Just had the two year service and they applied the software update. All seemed to go well. Took just a couple of days. My issues with the MMI seem to be fixed. The privacy notice can be dismissed permanently and there are various new functions, such as scheduled charging and guest users. The iPhone app seems more responsive and accurate too. Frustrating that it took 2 years but I’m much happier with this aspect of the car now. Good luck to everyone else.
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Despite trying to book a service via the app I gave in and rang up my local Audi Service Center (Wimbledon) and they confirmed that there were 3 updates pending on my car! Three!

• Battery module
• Infotainment update
• 3.2 software update

It's now booked in for October 10th for "2-4" days of updating.

I genuinely can't believe no one bothered to call me about three updates being available for my car!
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Apologies if this has already been covered.

Left my car at the dealer for 10 days while on holiday so they could do the update. Apparently everything worked well and I have already picked my car up. The MMI is updated but I haven’t been able to log in into the system at all. I have tried everything: lowercase email, email as written in the app, changed the password, ensured I had good mobile coverage and any combination of those. The error message doesn’t give anything away either: We couldn’t log you in. Please try again.
Has anyone experienced similar issues? Any tips?
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Did you try deleting the vehicle from the app and then going through the wizard on the mmi to log in? I think that's what did it for me.
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